only took me like 6 hours of swearing and a massive headache and now i have frozen on my phone for the flight to kos.

mad computer skills up in here

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it’s back!

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One of my friends once said I shouldn’t dye my hair blue because what if somebody liked me and was thinking about telling me, but then saw me with blue hair and wasn’t attracted to me any more.

I didn’t say anything but it just made me wonder if she makes all her life decisions based on whether other people will approve

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The first and very last time we saw the faces of Effy Stonem, Cassie Ainsworth and James Cook

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Jamie Clarke by Gavin Harrison.

Jamie Clarke by Gavin Harrison.

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My grandma’s reaction to Hans’ betrayal. I love it.


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This story is about the Baudelaires. And they are the sort of people who know that there’s always something. Something to invent, something to read, something to bite, and something to do, to make a sanctuary, no matter how small. And for this reason, I am happy to say, the Baudelaires were very fortunate indeed.

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